Hi, I'm Nick Ducoff!

I'm a 2x founder/CEO turned VC interested in data/AI, web3 & edtech. I'm also known as stoic.eth.

I help B2B founders scale by providing GTM and recruiting support, and empathy when you're looking for a nonjudgemental second opinion on all the hard decisions you'll have to make.

My Experience

I joined G20 Ventures as a Venture Partner in 2022 and became a Partner in our fourth fund. Prior to joining the firm, I was an angel investor in companies including: Flipside Crypto ($50M Series A), Unchained Capital ($60M Series B), Hologram ($65M Series B), and Panorama Education ($60M Series C). I'm an active DAO contributor: as a Seed Club collaborator, and member of Boston DAO, and Friends With Benefits (FWB).

I previously co-founded two VC-backed tech companies that were acquired. Infochimps, founded in 2010, delivers Big Data systems with unprecedented speed, scale and flexibility to enterprise companies, and was acquired by DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC). Edmit, founded in 2017, helps high school students and their families make smarter college financial decisions, and was acquired by Vemo Education.

As an educator, I taught entrepreneurship at John Cabot University and served as Vice President for New Ventures at Northeastern University. I co-authored a bestselling book on education finance, and report on information disclosure for The Brookings Institution. I was invited to the White House for my work in education by both the Obama and Trump administrations.

I live in Boston with my wife and two kids. When I'm not on Twitter or Discord, I'm probably searching for antiquarian books, playing tennis, or at the poker table.

My Investments

“The ‘D’ is an NFT from Amber Vittoria's Alphabet Collection held in one of Nick’s wallets.”

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